The Red Queen Cakery - The Adventure Begins

Hi Everyone!

So, I finally did it, I decided to take the plunge and try my hand at small business, Apparantly small business is BIG business!

A little more than a year ago, I found myself sitting home with too much time on my hands (those days are gone!), bored and ancy. Now, I've always heard the old saying about 'idle hands being the devil's playground', so rather than taking the chance of adding more notches in my old pitchfork, I flipped through the channels. Ugh! Nothing's on! Four thousand cable channels available and I can't find a thing to watch, are you kidding me? OK, flip to the good ol' standby, Food Network, surely Bobby Flay's throwin' down on someone... nope. Waitamint, what's this? Who are all these tattooed crazy people and is THAT a really a cake? Yep, you guessed it, I stumbled onto an Ace of Cakes marathon and was I ever hooked!

As I woke up from a snooze to the ending of a movie, I saw it... the scene was a wedding and there was a beautiful black and white cake and in a shape that really caught my eye...

'Because I Said So' starring Diane Keaton really set the wheels in motion. I stayed awake for hours looking and pictures on the web and reading everything I could (did I mention I'm very nocturnal?).

The next day, I made my first batch of marshmallow fondant... what a mess! But... it turned out pretty good, and this was the result...
Needless to say, I got hooked and made cakes for every occassion I could, birthdays at work, showers, and 'hey, I made this cake, would you like to have it?'. As a result, it has turned into one of my favorite things to do, I love it and now, with some gentle prodding from my dad, co-workers, and friends, I've decided to make a go of it, The Red Queen Cakery is born!
...keep watching!


Xelana said...
February 13, 2010 at 10:35 PM

You are awesome!!! Can I be the first customer? I want something pink for my birthday. (May 6)

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