Oreo's, Saints, & The Braves!

Hi again everyone! It's about 2am and I just finished my latest cake and wanted to share.

I was approached by a co-worker and friend to make a baby shower cake for her soon-to-be-here grandson. Sonia and her family are huge Saints fans, in fact this is the 2nd Saints theme I've done for her.

We decided this one would have baby shoes on top and rather than conventional baby blues, we'd go Saints gold, black & white... below are the reults along with some progression steps... enjoy!

The cake is a 3-layer cookies & cream mix filled with Oreo's...
...and it seemed to pass the preliminary taste-test!

I covered this one in a yummy white chocolate ganache, one of my standards. For all you other cakers reading, if you haven't used ganache under your fondant, you simply MUST try it! Aside from the great taste, it smooths sooooo easily and you can really get some sharp edges with it... I highly recommend it.

Now, I've only made one shoe prior to this (I'll show you in a later post), and I saw a picture of the cutest baby Converse high-tops and had to try them too! I initially started making them in baby blue until Sonia corrected me and and reminded me, this was a Saints baby! Silly me, what was I thinking!

The sneakers are made from fondant with some Tylose mixed in to help them firm up and hold their shape. I think they turned out pretty cute, what do you think? How about that logo, personalized with the little one's name? I LOVE my edible image printer!

I think this one turned out great! Complete with chocolate rattle and plaque, this one is 100% edible!

Now, personally, I'm not really a football fan, although I have made several football themed cakes... I'm more partial to The Boys of Summer. Thanks to my good friend Tim, I'm now completely addicted to the Tampa Bay Rays! Next weekend (after the Alice in Wonderland premier of course!) we're taking a road trip and I'm graduating to America's team... Go Braves! Champion Stadium, here we come!

That's all for tonight, I'm off to watch some late night tv and practice up on my 'Tomahawk Chop'..
... until next time


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