Faith, Trust, & Pixie Dust!

OK, so as a result of the Saints baby cake from my last post, I picked up a request for a Tinkerbell theme number. Tinkerbell huh... ok, no problem!

Now, I haven't watched Peter Pan in many years. It happens to be one of my dad's favorite moves and the whole family, well, we're all big Disney fans. Tink should literally be a piece of cake, right (yes, I said it!)? So, I pop in a dvd, grab some popcorn, and take a trip back to my youth.

Ah, Nana! Wendy! The Lost Boys, and who could forget Captain Hook! Tick-tock tick-tock, poor ol' Hook was terrorized by one of my favorites, the croc!

So, ok, after watching and reminiscing, I got it...
Straight to the kitchen I go, humming 'You Can Fly, you can fly, you can fly....'!

I sat in there for about 2 hours, cutting blades of grass, flowers, and leaves and still not a clear vision of what they'd look like on a cake... until I grabbed my airbrush and started painting! I covered the 3-layer cake in a pretty pale pink pearlized paint (say that 3 times fast, I dare you!) I varigated the shades of pink and ended at the bottom with a pretty neon shade. oooooohhhhh! OK, on goes the grass (blade by blade), leaves, flowers, butterflies... BAM!
I like it! I Love it! Everything on this cake is edible, aside from Tink herself. I wanted the birthday girl to be able to have a keepsake, so Tinkerbell is actually a pre-made topper. Now, anyone familiar with me and my work knows that normally I like eveything to be handmade and personalized... but... I am by no means talented enough to attempt molding figures, yet. I am really envious of others out there that just seem to have a gift for it, but that's not me, not yet. One of my goals is to get it and get it right. Hopefully as you follow me, you'll start to see attempt to molding.
All of the flowers, leaves, grass, snails, & butterflies are handmade and painted. All are fondant and edible.
Bernesha's birthday plaque is made of blue chocolate and personalized with an edible image made just for her. She chose a basic french vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. Always a classic and always yummy!
I hope her 12th birthday is a blast!
Let me know what you think. Tomorrow's another Disney day... Tim Burton/Disney's Alice in Wonderland premiers and I've already got my tickets... it's going to be a good day!

Peter Pan quote for today:
"When a new baby laughs for the first time a new fairy is born, and as there are always new babies there are always new fairies."
Keep laughing everyone...


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