Mardi Gras, Magic, & A Movie Bomb

So this week, I've officially given up my rights to ever be the one to choose a movie again! In an earlier post, I introduced you all to one of my 'partners in crime', Tim... you remember my 'baseball guru'...

This week we decided to do a movie again, but what to see... there are really no big blockbusters going on that we haven't already seen. Well, someone told me that 'Shutter Island' was the one to see. So, even though I'm far from a DiCaprio fan, I figure why not give it a try. OK, so Tim's game and I'm always up for movie popcorn and a frozen coke!
Now, of course this is just my own opinion and I'm certainly not trying to offend any fans, it was just not the movie for me. I think I may have even actually dozed once or twice! Now, I will say that it had a pretty interesting twist of an ending, but was not enough to save the movie. OK, so now I'm just waiting for Toy Story 3 and maybe the remake of Clash Of The Titans to redeem my cinematic voting power! So, I digress... lol!

OK, back to what's important, BAKING!

This week I was in cookie-mode.  
It was Erica's birthday and Erina wanted to surprise her with some cookies. Now, I know Erica is a big poker fan & player and her party-theme this year was Mardi Gras... so Erina wanted to incorporate the two into cookies. Erina also tells me it's her husband's birthday as well and he's a big 'Magic, The Gathering' fan. Now, I'm familiar with MTG because my son used to play many years ago so I can get into this.

If you're not familiar, MTG is a collectible card game. Each game represents a battle between powerful wizards, known as "planeswalkers", who use the magical spells, items, and fantastic creatures depicted on individual Magic cards to defeat their opponents.

So, the task is to make Erica a dozen Mardi Gras playing card cookies and to personalize them with her name, age, and theme. Hubby gets a dozen MTG card cookies. Not a problem! These cookies will be a piece of cake (ooohhh yes, I did say that... sorry!).

I used a basic firm sugar cookie recipe and cut each cookie into a 3"x4.5" rectangle. Once cooked, I brushed them with some nice apricot preserves and covered them with fondant. White for Erica's cards and black for hubby's cards. I covered each cookie with images provided by Erina. Now, I still had to create the personalized saide of the Mardi Gras cards... nooo problem. While finishing up the MTG cards, my son Chris (who you also met earlier) makes a suggestion. 'Mom, don't you remember the Black Lotus?'

Ummmm... oh yeah! The Black Lotus was supposedly the most soughtafter Magic card and very valuable. So, I figure, as a bonus, I'll throw one in and make a baker's dozen.

What do you think of them?

I also had 2 birthday's, 2 new team members, and 1 veteran member departure from my work team this month. We celebrated with homemade German (or German's if you want to be historically correct) Chocolate cake and ice cream sundaes. Back to the treadmill for me!!!!
Next week, I have a friend asking for a Juicy Couture bag and it's also Alyce's first birthday... it's going to be a busy week. Sometime's I wish I could quit my job and do this for a living! :)

...see you all soon!


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